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Our Company

At Think Thrift, In the thrift industry for over 32 years we immediately saw a growing interest in thrift shopping coming. We knew that as more and more people discovered the fun and practicality of their local thrift store, they would want to visit them more and more. OUR GOAL HAS ALWAYS BEEN TO BE THE BEST THRIFT STORE &  PROVIDE OUR CUSTOMERS WITH EXCELLENT SERVICE & VALUE.

In order to make thrift store shopping more enjoyable and productive for everybody, we at Think Thrift focus our efforts into giving our customers everything they want out of a thrift store & more. We know that for many, thrift store shopping is an experience, part practical, part just for fun. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering an extensive collection of clothing and goods that is far larger than the collection at your average local family thrift store.


We sort, hang and display all the clothes and items in a neat orderly fashion so if your pressed for time you can find what you are looking for very quickly. We also have many customers that like to take their time & browse the 5000 new items put out on the sales floor daily. We focus on high quality items in the best condition as well as gently used everyday items at a fraction of the cost.

We take the best quality merchandise that one person may not want, need or fit into any longer and sell them to another person that can use them. That’s our business. Our inventory is forever changing and we get tons of new items every day. So if you didn’t find what you were looking for while thrift store shopping today, come back in tomorrow, because it will be a brand new experience with new items in every department put out on the sales floor daily.

Why are we Different

There are lots of thrift stores around, but Think Thrift is a uniquely different thrift store. There are no other thrift stores around quite like Think Thrift, that is because of the hard work and dedication we put in to providing our customers with an extensive and varied collection of high end, high quality items at discounted prices. Better selection, better value, better quality & better prices you won’t find at just any local thrift store.


Sometimes certain clothing brands are expensive for no reason, you are just paying for the brand name. Other times these more expensive brands are more expensive for a reason, they are better made and they last longer. We at Think Thrift are unique in our search for these better designer labels.


We at Think Thrift focus our energy on providing the best quality merchandise at the best prices to our customers. High end merchandise should not only be affordable for the very wealthy.


Think Thrift is better than just a “good” thrift store because our selection is better than “good”. We recognize that people are different & want different things. By putting out 5000 new items daily our customers can come in everyday to see new fresh items.


We all deserve to look good and have nice things. But we all can’t afford the retail prices of popular name brands. But Think Thrift makes those popular name brands affordable to everybody. We are a unique thrift store because no other thrift store around has as many popular name brands on their racks and shelves.


Just because we focus our efforts on offering the best quality merchandise and popular name brands, please don’t think we charge an arm and a leg. In fact, Think Thrift offers better prices than other Thrift stores. “But wait”, you ask, “How can a Thrift store that specializes in name brands as well as everyday goods afford to offer better prices than their competitors?” Well, that’s a good question. The answer has to do with volume.


Think Thrift is unique in the sheer volume and turnover of our collections. We update our stores with 5000 new products every day!. No days off for us. We know that the key to serving as many customers as possible is to offer as much high quality merchandise as possible, so that is exactly what we do.